Wouldn’t it be funny if…

We’ve had a brutal winter in the Northeastern United States. This past weekend, I needed to combat cabin fever regardless of the heavy snowing outside. I packed my gear and headed to Central Park, and was delighted to find that not only did many other people in New York City have the same idea, they populated the park with snow people. Everywhere! And they were amazing.

As I’m walking around taking photos, “Wouldn’t it be funny if…” suddenly crept across the running text in my mind. See, when this happens, it means trouble. The last time an idea started out this way, I embarked on my (once again in progress) Out of Town series.

What completed this thought, you ask? “Wouldn’t it be funny if… I went all around Central Park and took portraits of the snow people as if they were humans?!?” It’s okay. I thought I was bonkers as well. As it was already near-dark, I decided to come back Sunday to finish this thought.

So I did. I stomped through snow all over Central Park, once getting yelled at by park staff for unwittingly heading towards a snow person in  an area I wasn’t supposed to go. Admittedly, I came back later to get the shot. It’s the second to last snow person, and it was too good to miss. Believe me, there was no grass anywhere to walk on.

Here is my February Gallery – a tongue-in-cheek Snowmans of New York. Funny? Sad? Silly? Completely nuts? You decide!

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