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Gallery of the Week: Retro Update

“Retro” is a personal project that I’m rather fond of – it’s open-ended, I’ve been working slowly on it for a few years, and it’s a lot of fun. It’s also a lot of work. To take these photos, I use a Sabre 620 camera – a plastic box camera manufactured in the 50’s and 60’s. As Kodak hasn’t manufactured 620 since the 1990’s, I have salvaged 620 reels from garage sales and other 620 cameras in my collection. In a light-tight changing bag, I take 120 film off of the 120 reel and re-roll it onto the 620 reel. The film, a paper-backed roll film, is the same film, it’s just that a 120 reel is slightly larger than a 620 reel, rendering it near impossible to use it in an old 620 camera.

So why all of this trouble? Well, I noticed that when I took pictures of classic cars with the Sabre 620, the resulting photographs reminded me of the pictures of my family and their cars from my grandparent’s photos that I saw when I was a kid. My uncles were car nuts and one uncle started racing on dirt tracks when he was 16 or 17. In short, sentimentality. And I think it looks cool. Do you like Instagram? This is the real deal. (For the record, I started this series before Instagram existed.) I decided to continue shooting and create this series with this old camera – record the retro people that love the classic cars and rockabilly culture that goes along with it. Enjoy!

(The rest of the series can be found here.)

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Gallery of the Week: Details

Some cars are just so cool I want to shoot every single part of it. This custom that I saw at the Rumble in the Country in Terryville, CT, is one of those cars. The owner was off somewhere on the fairgrounds and I unfortunately couldn’t get the stats on it! I took as many shots as I could; the whole car from many different angles, the motor, tires, seats, steering… so many pictures one of the other car guys teased me, “Why don’t you take another picture of that car?!”

Well, if you insist. That’s how you get the great shots. Don’t rely on taking just one or two, practice, and experiment.

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Gallery of the Week: Ratty

When I go to classic car shows, cruise-ins, and other retro events involving cars, one of my favorite cars to shoot are rat rods. They are highly customized, rusty, DIY, and sometimes so thrown together you wonder if it can be driven without collapsing into a heap of junk. Last summer at Woodward Dream Cruise in Detroit, I found a huge Caterpillar rat rod, and a few weeks ago, I saw a rat rod grille with an assortment of dead bugs freshly stuck in it from driving to the show. I’ve included both of these favorite finds in the gallery, as well as some more from other cars shows including Viva Las Vegas in 2011. Later this week, I will make several photographs available for purchase. Thanks for looking, and please enjoy the gallery here!

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