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NAIAS 2012

I’m heading to Detroit early Sunday morning for NAIAS 2012. I’m very excited, it should be an interesting show.

Sunday afternoon, I am going over the “The Gallery” at the MGM Grand to see the luxury  cars, including a McLaren MP4-12C in the supercar line-up of the usual suspects. Sunday evening kicks of with the Cadillac ATS, and the media frenzy begins Monday morning.

If you need photos from NAIAS, I will be making the photographs that I shoot outside of my reporting duties available for sale online at, an easy-to-use website similar to flickr. The shots, once uploaded, will be organized under “NAIAS 2012 – [Automaker]”, and an entire gallery of a particular car can be purchased, or individual images can be purchased a la carte. All of the image rights are taken care of on the SmugMug website during purchase process at the following URL:

Should you need to purchase a photograph of a particular car and don’t see it – or want to be sure that I get the shot you need – shoot me an email and I will do my best to get it for you.


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New Website Layout

After struggling with Dreamweaver, CSS and Lightroom galleries (and never updating my website), I’ve switched over to WordPress using Photocrati templates. I’m really happy with how easy the software is to use and update! Not only that, my blog (formerly on Blogspot) is now moving here, integrated into the site.

I’m still working on a few galleries of personal work that will be updated very soon. As I was editing shots tonight, I came upon this photo of a Packard that I took at the Scarsdale Concourse d’Elegance. I used a Holga panoramic pinhole camera on 120 Tri-X.

Please, Kodak, don’t go away. A true classic (Tri-X) will die with you.

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