Out of the Blue

A few weeks ago, I received an email from¬†Peter Sorgenfrei of Gaywheels.com. He was interested in featuring some of my personal car scene-based fine art series on the website. I admit, my big, enormous, fragile artist ego was tickled! More importantly, though, was the opportunity to showcase my non-commercial pet projects for a change. So often my professional work is the standard front, back, side, and 3/4 angle shots (I always include a few more creative detail shots) of cars from reveals; it’s a pleasure to spotlight my more creative, personally satisfying work.

Consequently, I had to define what I was doing with these projects. Have you ever experienced this? You’re just going along in life, photographing here and there, you’ve got a title for each series, a vague idea of what you’re doing with it, but have never sat down and actually formulated a goal or statement on paper (or a Google doc.) Working with writer Richard Read to create a statement and edit a small gallery of images for the website woke me up to the need to purposefully define what exactly I am doing.

…Exactly what AM I doing?! I thought about each series and visually attracts my eye, what the photos mean to me, why I chose the specific camera for each series, and what, at my very basic core, was the most truthful, simple, and genuine reason for taking the photographs that I take. I won’t reveal the statements here – I’ll cleverly divert you to the Fine Art Friday feature over at Gaywheels.com. I was happy to work with them, and I am thrilled with the results on their website.

In the meantime – why do YOU work on the projects you are working on?

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